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Getting Pure Calm Designs to run your social media marketing will save you time and ultimately ensure you are maximising your business’ online potential. We are renowned for our lightening fast Twitter audience growth. We have a full time experienced copywriter Caroline Taylor working with us (shown below) and she works closely with our sister company GetSocialMediaBusy.

casey-keppel-comptonSocial Media marketing can be a powerful ally in strengthening your business’ reputation and growing your customer base through online endorsement, but it needs to be done effectively. Results aren’t seen overnight, nor do they happen by chance.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite – what lies behind the daily socialising, on both Facebook and Twitter, is a carefully thought out Social Media marketing strategy that is being executed in a professional and targeted manner. When handling a client’s Social Media activity we never lose sight of the objectives of the campaign and our agreed strategy drives everything we do.

On a daily basis we create engaging content, schedule posts, respond to comments, get to know people, find followers, listen to our communities, talk about the brands, share relevant information, offer advice, and much, much more.

Throughout a campaign we research and analyse what’s working and what’s not, who we need to connect with, what relevant content to include and what steps to take to improve the performance of the Social Media activity. And just as our clients keep us posted on what’s going on in their world so we can create great relevant content, so we keep our clients in the picture on what’s going on in our world with detailed monthly reports on their Social Media campaign.

  • Copywriting 100%

  • Facebook 100%

  • Twitter 100%

  • Pinterest 100%

  • LinkedIn 100%

Social Media Management & Marketing

More and more businesses are looking to social media to help find new customers, and promote their business.

Social Media is empowering businesses to interact directly and regularly with their customers (existing and potential) on the Internet via the mediums of blogs, Facebook & Twitter etc.

When used in the correct way, social media can really bring a boost to your business. Here at Web of Knowledge we are investing time into researching ways to use Twitter and Facebook for business. We have our own profiles for a number of websites on each of these social networking sites, enabling us to experience first hand the different ways of engaging with customers.