Copywriting we listen write it and check again


Copywriting allows you to express your unique value

We work with any written media

Our in-house copywriter Caroline is experienced and passionate about writing. She will immerse herself in your project and produce outstanding work that will impress . Whether you need help with writing afresh or rewriting for another purpose, ask us to work on your:Me Camber

  • web pages, microsites, emails, PDFs
  • standard letters, direct mail, fundraising letters
  • brochures, leaflets
  • press releases, case studies
  • newsletters
  • book jacket blurbs

Depending on your brief, we’ll write copy that:

  • does what you need
  • is clear and well written
  • is the right length, readable, unambiguous and inclusive
  • uses your key words effectively (so search engines are more likely to find your web pages)

With style
Why not ask us to create a “style guide”? This may cover, for example, a suitable and consistent tone of voice for your organisation; preferred spellings and capitalisations; whether to use acronyms and jargon words; format of headings and lists; appearance and wording of web links.

A style guide can save you time, enhance your professional image and support your brand.

  • Copywriting 100%

  • Blogging 100%

We can solve your problem

Maybe you have to produce some website content, a brochure, ad or sales letter but you’re suffering from ‘blank screen’ syndrome and can’t think how to start.

Maybe you’ve got so much to say you’ve already bashed out ten pages – but it’s an overloaded jumble of thoughts that will just bore or confuse your target audience.
Why come to us, rather than anybody else offering copywriting in Hampshire? Because we’re different, with invaluable Fleet Street, international publishing and House of Commons experience.